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Telephone: +353 94 954 5400

The Elite Team Experience

A race to the throne

Perfect for a team or group in a work or sport environment, the Elite Team Experience aims to develop strategy, communication and creative skills and is based on a popular TV series.

Imagine the Scene

King Jeffrey is dead. You are conflicting families that are now competing for the throne. You must use the stars as your guide, completing numerous challenges along the way. The first family to raise the flag will reclaim the throne. Planning and execution are vital to complete each challenge, but remember, the race is on!

Activities include:

The Skis of the North
King Slayers Web
Eunuchs Whisper
The Narrow Sea Crossing
Shoot for the Key
The Throne

All our packages can be customised to your exact requirements depending on the number of participants, the duration of the programme and your key aims for the experience. 

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