Green New Year's resolutions for 2018


At Red Carnation make it our mission to protect and preserve the planet’s rich resources. Why not make a green New Year’s resolution that will make a difference in 2018?


Instead of making the same New Year’s resolutions as every other year, why not try something different by making them green in 2018. From ocean conservation to caring for the welfare of South Africa’s leopards and creating a Living Wall in London, we at Red Carnation make it our mission to protect and preserve the planet’s riches. In turn, small changes in your daily routine can also make a real difference. Follow our guide to an eco-friendly 2018 with these green New Year’s resolutions.

Reduce Food Waste

It’s estimated that in the UK alone we throw away over seven million tonnes of edible food and drink every year. Not only is this a waste of money, but it also contributes to global warming and deforestation. Fortunately, by implementing small changes, we have the ability to cut this down dramatically. Simple steps such as ensuring your fridge is functioning at the correct temperature and also making use of leftovers helps both the planet and your pocket.

Recycle and Reuse

Recycling can encompass more than just using the correct bins for paper, glass, plastic and metal. As governments become more sustainably minded, we’re able to recycle everything from car batteries to tumble dryers. Reusable cotton produce bags are a good place to start as they preserve landfill space and help counteract global warming, but it’s also worth recycling clothing, electrical items and even unopened medicines. Clothing can be dropped off at clothing banks while retailers often offer an old electrical pick up service. Unused medicine can easily be returned to a pharmacy or chemist. Alternatively, donate your items to charity or upload them to

Green New Years Resolutions

Drink More Tap Water

Think twice about buying bottled water and using take away coffee cups with plastic lids. More than 17-million gallons of oil are used each year to produce these plastic bottles, which is enough to fuel a million cars for the entire year. It’s also worth considering the amount of energy needed to make and transport bottled beverages, which are then stored in refrigerated chillers. Instead, carry a reusable coffee cup and refillable water bottle that you can top up with tap water.

Green New Years Resolutions

Beautiful You

By choosing ethically sourced products and towel drying hair, you can adopt a beauty routine that not only makes you feel good but also benefits the planet. Reducing drying time by just five minutes a day saves almost 45 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions each year, which can help slow down the effects of global warming. Meanwhile, taking shorter showers prevents dry skin and also cuts down on energy bills, which is a great reason to turn off the water when brushing your teeth, too. Combine staying active and living a greener life by taking the stairs when possible and instead of driving, try walking, taking the bus or riding a bike.

A Tech Life

To save the energy you use with gadgets and home appliances, avoid charging your phone overnight and wash laundry on at 30-degrees. Remember to turn off light switches when leaving the room, and switch light bulbs to energy efficient LED ones. Swap paper bills for online statements and remove your name from unwanted postal updates.

Green New Years Resolutions

Green Fingers

The trees around us produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, helping to clean our planet’s air and soil. In fact, without trees, we would not be able to exist here on Earth. Give a little something back to the planet by planting a tree in your garden or building a compost heap. At Red Carnation, as well as having a policy for recycling and solar energy, we’re committed to breathing life into urban environments with greenery in each and every one of our hotels.

Green New Years Resolutions

Red Carnation’s We Care initiative helps conserve the planet by supporting projects such as The Cape Leopard Trust in South Africa and The Loggerhead Marine Life Centre in Florida.

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