Discover the Artwork of The Lodge at Ashford Castle


The Lodge at Ashford Castle has an impressive art collection adorning the walls from local creations to internationally sourced pieces.


08th January 2018

The Lodge at Ashford Castle

Set on the historic Ashford estate, The Lodge at Ashford Castle is not only home to supremely comfortable guestrooms, an excellent restaurant and a cosy bar; it also contains an impressive and eclectic art collection. From local creations to internationally sourced pieces, the variety of artwork has been carefully curated. Adorning the walls of the hotel’s restaurant and bars, as well as its guestrooms and public areas, the selection of art is overseen by Mrs Tollman herself and includes pieces picked up from artists in Britain and Holland in addition to South Africa and America.


An homage to pop art and contemporary British style, the reception of the Lodge contains several playful pieces of art which will certainly catch the eye of hotel guests. Alongside two offset lithographic posters for David Hockney exhibitions from the 1970s, look out for the vibrant ‘The Wild One,’ a mixed media piece thought to be by the circle of Sir Peter Blake, the renowned British artist who created the album artwork for the Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.


Make time during your stay to enjoy a quiet moment in the Lodge’s gallery, the ideal spot for reading your book and also admiring the assortment artwork on display here. An international showcase, expect to see 20th century works by British, South African and even Ukrainian artists. Highlights include a verdant ‘Landscape With White Birds And Fish’ oil painting on canvas by Michael Alan Costello, who is well regarded for his images of African wildlife. Keep your eyes peeled too for a few works by popular British textile designer, Lucienne Day. Day was instrumental in pioneering the abstract style of design that was to characterise Britain in its post war years. The Lodge possesses a ‘Signs Of The Zodiac’ series of three silk mosaics by Day, which were the preferred medium of her later career as it’s said she enjoyed the challenge of working with such a restricted format.

The Lodge at Ashford Castle

 Main Hallway

The main hallway of the hotel is also decorated with lively Pop Art works, which perfectly complement the cheery yellow walls. Hung here are two pieces by the French artist known as Mr. Brainwash. Predominantly viewed as a street artist, the Los Angeles-based creator is a contemporary of Banksy and has designed an album cover for Madonna. Guests of all our ages will appreciate the vibrancy of his ‘Mickey’ painting, which combines stencilling with acrylic and spray paints.

Quay Bar and Restaurant

Well suited to its surroundings, the art in the Quay Bar is both colourful and witty. See if you can spot Beryl Cook’s ‘The Baron Entertains;’ the British artist is famous for her depictions of comical characters, while bold lines and colour are signatures in Cook’s work. French artist Roger de Valerio became a successful poster painter in the early 20th century and the spirit and style of his ‘Cherry Maurice Chevalier’ lithograph poster is wonderfully in keeping with the warm and happy atmosphere of the Lodge’s Quay Bar.

Enjoy the artwork of The Lodge at Ashford Castle by experiencing Afternoon Tea in the Gallery.

Image Credits: All images courtesy of Red Carnation Hotels.

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